Training Time

Once again I had triplets to train, thankfully Aviendha had already started training Bain.I got started teaching Chiad to walk.It went so smoothly that we were soon onto talking.While training was in progress the other babies occupied themselves with the blocks and the other toys in the nursery.Soon all three of them were exhausted and needed to take a nap.Bain was the first to wake up.So I finished off the training that Aviendha had helpfully started then we moved onto walking training with Bain.After a while I finally got to spend some training time with my little man Gaul.First walkingthen he took a break on the pegboxbefore starting on his speech.It took a couple of days but I had finally finished the training of the toddlers.It was time to age up the toddlersBain aged up receiving the Angler trait.Gaul was up next. He received the Virtuoso trait.Chiad was the last of the triplets to age up receiving the Brave Trait.Janduin aged up into a handsome teen rolling the star-quality trait.Shaiel aged up into a clone of me with her father’s blue eyes. She received the Handy trait.It was time for my eldest girls to become Young Adults.Aviendha received the charismatic trait for her YA trait. She has decided to try to become Super Popular.Elmindreda received the Animal Lover trait and has decided to be an Ark Builder.Straight after they aged up they organised their special picture just for me.

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