Old Flames

I was out and about at the theatre when I encountered a couple of my children’s father’s.Thankfully neither seemed to be holding a grudge, although Joseph still seemed to have a bit of a crush on me.It was good to catch up.Apparently Bobo has a new girlfriend that is making him think about marriage, which I think is lovely.I once again had to explain to Joseph that there just wasn’t time in my busy schedule to have a permanent relationship.When I got home I found Shaiel trying to eat the heads of the dolls the dollhouse.I quickly finished Janduin’s training and then carried both him and his sister downstairs to the waiting cakes.First up was Janduin.For his child trait Janduin rolled the over-emotional trait. Thanks Careane for damaging your brother forever. 😦 ……………… 😦 Shaiel was up next rolling the Workaholic trait.Aviendha was the first child up to the cake.Avie received the Snob trait for her teen Trait.Elmindreda was up to the cake next.She received the No sense of humour trait.After everyone aged up we all went in to the living room to take a family photo. I am really pleased with how this one turned out. 🙂Because it was the weekend we all had a little bit of time to relax.Min was certainly enjoying the slip’n’slide and Shaiel was enjoying the spring racers.Afterwards Shaiel headed towards the treehouse.Where she had some serious make believe going on.Exhausted by the make-believe she later got big sister Avie to read her a bedtime story.I went out to the garage to try to learn how to play the guitar and to get some piece and quiet.And No, I have no idea why I thought going out there in my underwear was a good idea?The older girls chose that night to all get better acquainted in the spa.It started out as just Avie and Care,but it didn’t take long for Min to join themfollowed finally by Danelle.

Min: So how long do you think it will be til we have more little brother and sisters?Danelle: Trust us, it won’t be long.

Careane: Never is.Careane: Ah, more candy for me…..

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One thought on “Old Flames

  1. I’m with you — I’m loving Careane! She’s a hoot! 😀

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