Egwene Visits

It’s yet another day in the Young Simverse. 🙂Shaiel has been rolling wishes to learn the writing skill since she aged into a child so I decided to indulge her.Avie wasted no time in getting to know one of her newest little sisters.She was quick to start Bain on the road to speech. 🙂I spent a little time chatting with Min before we headed downstairs for the evening meal.Looks like the new arrivals are featuring heavily in the thoughts of their older siblings. Bain might even be making it into Shaiel’s story.Upstairs in the nursery Avie continued to be a good big sister making sure Chiad had been fed.In fact all of my girls are pretty awesome. 🙂Even the crazy ones…..Egwene came to visit and gave us a demonstration on how to choke yourself…Elmindreda: Hmm, that woman has the same coloured hair as me so we must be related….but she doesn’t look completely normal. So I might just go and play on the slip’n’slide.

Turns out that Egwene had also brought her daughter along for a visit.

Dianna: Hey, that girl has the same coloured hair as my mama…When Egwene had finally settled down we spent some time catching up. 🙂Min was enjoying sliding in the backyardand Dianna had found her Aunty Shaiel and was enjoying a fast game of catch.Elmindreda: How many nieces do I have?Upstairs Aviendha was still taking care of the new triplets.Every spare moment she gets she appears to be in the nursery. ❤When her niece went home Shaiel just had to write a story about it.Janduin had made himself a cupcake in the toy oven in the nursery and had cooked it perfectly. So proud. 🙂

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