An Almost Perfect Evening

As it turns out the girls were not wrong on the baby front.The next morning I had gone to the local pool, let’s forget that I have one at home. 😉Shortly after arriving I met someone new. We had a lot of fun together.His name was Caleb Logan and I liked what I saw.We spent a far amount of time talking.So much in fact that I was taken by surprise when he suddenly pulled me in for a hug.Further surprising me when he also gave me flowers.And you all know how much I enjoy receiving flowers.I was really starting to like this guy…..I was enjoying spending time with Caleb he was easy to talk to.Oh, so sweet!Of course I had to give him a back rub.It was a great evening which had only one truly awkward moment.Andric: Oooh! Heya Mama!

ANDRIC!!!!Thankfully my son left quickly.But not before giving me a knowing smirk as he was leaving..After that small interruption I invited Caleb back to my place.Where I quickly snuck him up the stairs.As I said it was a perfect evening.Only spoiled by the fact that I wouldn’t be able to see him romantically again. 😦

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