Make-Believe and Graduation.

Today we are passing time until it is time for Avie and Min to graduate.Chiad is having a wonderful time playing make-believe in the treehouse.Rapunzel? Maybe? 🙂Shaiel finally gave her athletic trait a workout, and found the household gym. 🙂She seems to need a bit more practise however. Eventually it was time to make the trek to City Hall.Our two graduates looked lovely in their robes.Even though we had been waiting all morning to leavewe still all had to run to make the ceremony on time.Both girls received their diploma’s, I was so proud of them. 🙂After the ceremony Janduin relaxed in the hot tub.While Avie and Min discussed their new home. My mind had already turned to the task of finding someone to father my next child.I gave both of the girls goodbye hugs.Sad to see two more of my babies all grown up.Avie made the final phone call to take them to their new home.

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2 thoughts on “Make-Believe and Graduation.

  1. Its going great I cant wait to read more.

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