A Streak of Evil

As soon as I got my new arrivals home I aged them into toddlers.First up a daughter Shaiel born with the traits Athletic and Loner and she got her Daddy’s blue eyes. ❤ And a son Janduin born with the traits Athletic and Grumpy. Janduin has his father’s hair colour which is nice but better than that he breaks my recent run of girls. 😀It’s time to start with the toddler training but of course I’ll have to wait for them to wake up first.Eventually the twins wake up and I can get started.With the talkingand the potty training.Umm, Care what are you doing?Careane?You leave your little brother alone….Why don’t I trust that face, and why aren’t I doing anything about it?Careane: AhahaCareane: Sweet, Sweet Success.So obviously I totally fail as a mother, but in my defence I AM busy training Shaiel.Isn’t she adorable.Danelle came into the nursery a little later, thankfully not to steal candy from her unsuspecting siblings.But to help out with some potty training, hopefully Janduin realises that not ALL of his sisters are evil.Hopefully after some attention from big sister Danelle and of course his mummy Janduin will forget about Careane stealing his candy? Next time? Birthdays. 😀

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