Caleb’s Babies

With new babies on the way and the fact that both Careane and Danelle have been in the house for a while it is time for a Young Adult birthday. 😀I am going to be sorry to say goodbye to these two as they have delivered some fun moments. Especially Care. 😉Danelle aged up first turning into a stunning young adult. I don’t think I realised until this moment just how pretty she really is. For her adult trait she rolled Vegetarian. She’s decided to try to become a superstar athlete.Careane also aged up really pretty. She rolled the Nurturing trait because that makes SO much sense lol. Anyway she is going to try to outlive her husband. (there’s the Care that I love) lolWhile my eldest girls organised to leave home, my new children announced their impending arrival.I thought this picture of Danelle and Careane turned out rather nicely. 🙂Afterwards only Danelle bothered to hang around long enough to give her mum a hug. 😦To kill some time I spent some time writing.I also spent some time listening to some really good music.Until it was time.Yep, that time.Man, that hurts…I did make to the hospital in time to have my babies.Introducing my newest arrivals. Bain born with the traits Excitable and Loner.Followed by sister Chaid who received the traits Heavy Sleeper and Friendly.and finally Gaul who received the traits Good and Brave.  I love that all three got their fathers eyes. ❤Caleb even confirms his spot as one of my favorite baby daddies by actually escorting his children all the way home from the hospital. The second father to actually do this. ❤We had a long conversation about our three new babies.And I thanked him for taking an interest in the children. I mean you’ve gotta love that!

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