Adrian, Take 2. :)

After allowing the triplets a couple extra days of teendom so they could attend their Prom, it was time for their Young Adult Birthday.Everybody made their way to the kitchen to celebrate.Danelle was having a ball making lots of noise, while Careane was once again at her inappropriate best. ❤Luc was the first to age up receiving Party Animal as his final trait and deciding to pursue a Perfect Mind, Perfect Body.His sister Tigraine aged up shortly after receiving the Evil trait. What? Okay not happy with that one because Tigraine has been lovely her entire time in the house.  Tigraine decided to become a Master of the Arts.Galad, of course was the last of the triplets to age up, receiving the Hates the Outdoors Trait and deciding to try to become the TInkerer.Because they had already been living at home a little longer than usual they immediately organised their leaving home photo.And made their future living arrangements.I dispensed the Mum hugs and a little bit of advice, which I am sure they are going to ignore….Luc made the call to the taxi company to take them to their new accommodations.When I finally got inside it became apparent that Careane had failed to take the bus to school this morning.I quickly sent her to school in a taxi, and then took the opportunity of a rarely empty house to invite Adrian over.When he arrived I noticed that Adrian has the prettiest blue eyes something that I hope the new babies will inherit.We quickly got back to flirting like we had been the night before.After a little flirting I invited Adrian up to my room upstairs.Where we quickly got to the business of baby making. 🙂Ah, sweet success. 😉

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