A Ghostly Visit

It’s another day in the Young household.And we have our very first haunting. Hey, stray cat! ❤ So Stray cat has now become our official pet because we are so bad at looking after the real ones. 😦Danelle had made her way up to my room to get in a workout.Umm, Danelle? We do have a gym, remember?Min has for the last couple of days been going to a friends place after school, which has left her with bad grades AND a bad smell. 😦I decided to once again use the relatively quiet time of pregnancy to get a bit of writing done.We could use the income after all, I can’t really rely on the inheritence money forever.Danelle? thats still not the gym. Have you even been upstairs to check it out?Isn’t it nice when your kids do their homework all together, only Careane is missing.Aviendha, another one of my artistic children is outside painting. I think Artisitic has so far been the children’s most rolled trait.:)Soon it was time for the arrival of my new babies. Let’s face it it’s going to be babies I haven’t had a single birth since Logain and he was baby number sevenAfter standing there for a couple of contractions, I decided that it was time to go to the hospital.Adrian came to the hospital for the birth which is always nice.Aww, isn’t the picture of Adrian with his son just adorable.

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