Triplet Chaos? Not This Time.

Triplets…again. Remembering the last time I had triplets almost sent me into a panic…Without wasting any time I started on their training starting with Luc,and then Tigraine.Basically I was just training whichever child wasn’t completely exhausted. Lucia: Raine, say diamond for Mummy?

Tigraine: Dimond?I have to say both of my teenage girls were a big help. Taking care of toddlers when I was busy training.And even helping out with the training.Suian: Can you say Treadmills are evil, Galad?

Leane: Really Sui?

Suian: What? He needs to know!

Leane: …………..With Suian and Leane helping out it wasn’t taking that long to get the triplets trained.Unlike the last time when I had only Rhuarc to assist me and no helpful lifetime rewards.It was even quite fun when all of us where in the nursery together geting the triplets training done.

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4 thoughts on “Triplet Chaos? Not This Time.

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  2. I’m curious. What LTRs were helpful when you had triplets to train?

    • Mostly the ones that mean that Lucia’s needs don’t drop. So, Dirt Defiant, Hardly Hungry, Steel Bladder which means that the only need that she really needs to worry about is sleep. Lucia is also Family Orientated so she trains quicker and with these triplets she had both Siuan and Leane to help with her first set it was only Rhuarc. 🙂

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