The Triplets have a Birthday

Now that the triplet’s had learnt all of their toddler skills it was time for some birthdays.Galad went first recieving the Can’t Stand Art Trait.Tigraine recieved the Neurotic Trait,and finally Luc recieved the Easily Impressed trait.I decided to really get involved when the older kids got to the cake. Tigraine was enjoying it as well. 🙂

Leane: Mum, I kinda wanted to be able to hear as an adult!Suian aged into a beautiful Young Adult recieving Good as her final trait. Siuan has decided that she would like to be an Animal Rescuer.Leane also aged up well receiving the Lucky Trait. Leane decide she wanted to be an Ark Builder.Elaida became a teen continuing her run of really terrible (but interesting) traits becoming a kleptomaniac. That makes her an Insane & Hotheaded Kleptomaniac who Hates the Outdoors. Yeah…fun….Tamra didn’t have much luck with her roll either rolling Neurotic.Afterwards Suian and Leane decided to move out before graduation and find a place to live.After dispensing the mandatory Mum hugs and some advice, Suian called the taxi to take them to their new home. 😦

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4 thoughts on “The Triplets have a Birthday


  2. They all aged up beautifully. Reading Elaida’s traits literally made me LOL! An insane, hot-headed kleptomaniac who hates the outdoors — I wonder what she’ll roll next? Evil or neurotic would round it out nicely, I think. 😛

    • Why do I remember her rolling Neurotic?….lol. I really don’t remember what her fifth trait was but I think it WAS a bad one. Oh well, there more fun anyway. 😀

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