The Many Faces of Careane

With new toddler’s in the house it was of course time for some training.Min seemed to find learning to talk a little challenging. Thankfully she finally mastered the skill.Avie seemed to find learning to talk easy in comparison to her sister.I was able to get Aviendha trained in both talking and walking,before both of us were too tired to continue.Over the next day or so I managed to get the girls trained in all of their skills.Tigraine armed with her new teenage trait ventured out to the easels and was producing some beautiful pieces.With the toddlers all trained up it was time for some birthdays. This time starting with Careane and Danelle.Careane aged up first receiving the No Sense of Humour trait. 😦Danelle also turned in a beautiful teen receiving the Technophobe trait.Next it was the toddler’s turn.Min aged up and recieved the mooch trait.That news made her go a little cross-eyed.Careane, not nice. Hmm, I thought you were not meant to have a sense of humour? Only at inappropriate times, huh?Aviendha also aged up and received the Good trait.

And with the following Careane became one of my favorites sims ever.Care: Wish they would stop with the birthday’s so I can actually eat some cake…Careane: Oh, Come on!!!!Careane: This is taking Waayy too long….Careane: ………….Careane: What’s that smell?Careane: Wow, something really smells!Careane: How can I get rid of that smell and still get cake? Careane: I know, a rocket!

Not sure how that will work but okay?

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2 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Careane

  1. ROFL… 😀

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