Grim Pays a Visit

It’s birthday time in the Young household again.First up was Danelle who rolled the Neat trait.Followed by Careane who rolled the Inappropriate Trait.Careane immediately gave her new trait a workout as the Triplets aged up. Not nice Care….Galad, Luc and Tigraine were all looking forward to becoming teens.Tigraine aged up first receiving the Artistic Trait.Luc was up next receiving the Technophobe Trait.Galad was the last of the triplets to age up and received the Good Trait.Galad, one of our newly minted teens decided to immediately try out the hot tub.After school the following day Tigraine got an immediate start on her homework. While Elaida started trying out the Potion set.Hmm, really not sure this is a good idea, should an insane sim be making potions?Galad had found the gameing machine and I was reading a book AND keeping a close eye on the crazy girl in the back corner. Hopefully she doesn’t blow up the garage.Careane and Danelle had stayed back at the restaurant after their school excursion. Thankfully they were making good use of their time finishing their homework with a friend.Meanwhile at home something tragic was about to happen.Wait, what is he doing here? Umm, who died? Quickly checks on entire family.

Tamra: Aww, it’s a cute kitty…

Not sure why Grim is inside when the stray cat is outside..Grim finally found his target and brought him/her inside. Bye Stray Kitty we never knew you. 😦

Stray Kitty has now been buried in our garden.It might have been wrong but I took the opportunity to flirt with Grim a little. Shh, don’t judge me. 😦

Elaida: Mum’s at it again… 

Elaida: Wait, where did the Nursery Spirit come from?After giving Elaida and Tamra a couple of extra days as teens it was finally time for them to become Young Adults.We all gathered around the cakes to wish them well.Tamra aged up first and received the Ambitious trait as her Adult trait. And continueing our run on pet related LTW Tamra wants to be The Canine Companion. 🙂Elaida decided that she wasn’t finished rolling bad traits and finished off with Neurotic. So now she’s an Insane, Neurotic, Hotheaded Kleptomaniac who Hates the Outdoors. lol Elaida has decided that she will become a master thief.

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2 thoughts on “Grim Pays a Visit

  1. Hahaha! I called it. Elaida got the neurotic trait. I figured it would be either evil or neurotic with her luck. 😛 You picked the perfect LTW for her.

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