Creeping Offspring

I have just left the hospital with my newest arrivals.Outside I spotted Be’lal and Faile hanging around, I might have been a little concerned if these two were not my kids.I also have no idea why Faile is still wearing her graduation gear? Six more of my children have graduated since she did?When I got home I took my newest babies out of the basket and aged them up. First out was Careane who rolled the Evil & Loner traits at birth.Followed by her twin sister Danelle who received the Athletic and Light Sleeper Traits.Training started the usual way, it’s always good to get an early start.Walking for Careane.Tamra joined in the nursery to do her homework while I was teaching Careane to talk.Galad had gone home with his nephew Lukas. Although Mierin doesn’t look to sure about her little brother visiting. lolElaida joined us in the nursery.Where she was immediately attacked by the previously unheard of nursery spirit.

Elaida: It’s alright it’s gone now.

Okay, are your sure your just not crazy?I decided that it was too nice a day to train Danelle inside and decided to train her on the front lawn instead.Luc was being extremely helpful by emptying the potties in the nursery, something I tend to neglect. I still hadn’t taught Care to walk so I made sure to get that done.Both toddler’s were now fully trained and ready to start their next stage of life.

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