Moving Out Again

Tamra and Elaida in keeping with family tradition organised a leaving home photo. I thought it was lovely.Afterwards we gathered out the front to say goodbye.I gave both my girls a final hug.And Tamra called a taxi to take them to their new home.Galad had been busy on the slip’n’slide when his older sister’s left.Tigraine came outside to discuss it with him.

Tigraine: So Tam and Elaida just left, it our turn next.Galad: Oh, it will be a while yet, we only just became teens. 🙂Galad: Oh hey, can you see what I can do?Tigraine: ……………..I was reading a book in the now empty nursery when my pregnancy became official.Careane and Luc took to hanging out in the girls room. It does have the best seat/bookshelf setup. 🙂Tigraine and Galad just seemed to be getting closer and closer. Hanging out in the rec room.I spent the days of my pregnancy trying to productive and finishing the book I had started writing. Waiting until it was time for my new babies to arrive.Introducing Aviendha born with the traits Artistic and Light Sleeper,and Elmindreda Young born with the traits Loves the Outdoors and Excitable.

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4 thoughts on “Moving Out Again

  1. Love Elmindreda’s hair!

    • Hmm, not sure where I got that one from. It’s not in my game anymore but I think its a skysims or butterflysims hair.

      • I meant the hair color. I don’t use any cc other than default skin for the adults.

      • Oh right, sorry. 🙂 That’s how the grandparent hair looks when the cc hair is adjust shine. It can be really pretty.

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