A Couple of Surprises

The triplets had thankfully survived their tour with the creepy grave man.Tigraine asked me to read her a bedtime story. It was a good opportunity to spend some time with my youngest daughter before the new baby arrived.Finally having a virtuoso traited child in the house I took the opportunity to brush up on some of my piano skills.Elaida came and joined me in the rec area.Tamra joined us a bit later and immediately blew us all away with her talent. Her first time with a guitar sounded better than anything Elaida and I had managed so far.The following night found the triplets outside enjoying the spring riders.Finally one of the Triplets showed that they had in fact received the IF Gene from their father Bobo. Not that I could tell which of them it was. After a bit of further investigation I realised it was Galad.Talking to them later I found out that Tigraine and Luc didn’t have a doll form. So my luck with IF children is still a bit sketchy. I’m one out of four for the IF Gene and not one of my IF kids have received their father’s hair. 😦One she started Tamra couldn’t stop playing music. Tigraine had taken to going out to the Rec room to listen.I also received a phone call from daughter Kari, it had been a while since I had spoken to her so it was fun to catch up.Of course I can never go into labour without one of the kids watching on. This time it was Tamra.Thankfully she stayed calm, and I took a taxi to the hospital.

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