Imaginary Friend with Benefits.

After my children’s birthday and with my eldest two children in the house due to graduate tomorrow it was time to find the next daddy.I decided to call up Paetram’s Imaginary Friend turned real. Since I only recently found out about offspring of IF’s being able to turn into doll form, I was curious. Rhuarc my eldest son didn’t recieve the gene from his father but his son has it.I asked Bobo many questions about it.And even asked him if he wanted to see if it would work with me.Thankfully he didn’t object.And I quickly invited him into the backyard.Where we relaxed in the hot tub.We discussed the IF thing for a little while  longer.And finally gave the hot tub a little bit of a shakeup.I was fairly sure that the woohoo in the hot tub was successful. I was expecting a new addition to the family.

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4 thoughts on “Imaginary Friend with Benefits.

  1. Bobo has amazing blue eyes and hair…excited to see what the newest additon to the family looks like.

  2. I agree with both of you. Love the blue eyes & hair. Ready to “turn the page” and see what happens. 🙂

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