Girls, Girls, Girls

I have to say that I was really surprised when Tobias came to the hospital to help me get our daughter’s home.Yep that’s right, Daughters. Twins.Tamra was born first and recieved the traits Clumsy and Virtuoso.Elaida recieved the traits Insane and Loves the Outdoors.While my older kids were keeping themselves busy. Gawyn was reading again.Suian was also in the nursery trying out the kids oven.Tamra looked like she was in a good mood and Elaida was still asleep.So I quickly grabbed her for some learning to talk lessons.and Potty training too.I took any oppotunity to get my girls trained up fast.Tamra sure likes that toybox. 🙂I’ve been having some difficulties with Elayne. She’s been slack with her homework and has even come home late a couple of times.We have discussed the matter and I am hoping for a improvement soon.But inbetween everything else the toddler training has to be squeezed.Unfortunatley, when Elayne got home the next afternoon I had to put her in a timeout. 😦Afterwards she dissapeared into the living room.I think she is trying to work off some of her anger.I finally got my youngest girls fully toddler trained so it’s time for a little aging up next update.

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2 thoughts on “Girls, Girls, Girls

  1. omg this mom must be spinning around the house in circles…babies everywhere..wowsers

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