In, Out and About

Gawyn made an attempt at cooking hotdogs that surprisingly worked out well considering the Young’s track record with cooking.Leane even thought that the hotdogs were good enough to eat and followed her big brother out to the rec area to tell him that.After being ignored, she finally disappeared upstairs.And conducted a riveting court, with herself as queen.Elayne had also been reading inside the house.But soon the twins were both outside. Though it seems that Gawyn didn’t spend much time outside.Elayne spent the entire afternoon on the slip and slide.Siuan spent the afternoon playing computer games.And I finally received my newest baby bump. I had since found out that “don’t know his name guy” is actually called Tobias Sutton. 🙂Leane moved her court to the kitchen in the afternoon as the gym was not giving her enough access to her subjects.She even tried to convince her twin Siuan to join her.But Suian was more interested in talking about school.After the sun went down Gawyn finally decided to get in some outdoor time.

First on the slip’n’slideand finally in the sandpit.Elayne my current little athletic sim was getting to know the invisble treadmill. The following night while trying to get a couple of my painting finished,I doubled over in pain.Yep, new babies on the way. 😀

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2 thoughts on “In, Out and About

  1. You gotta love the faces sims make when contractions hit. LOL. Classic.

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