I Don’t Even Know Your Name

With four of children now aged up into Young Adults it was definitely time to find a new father for my next child.Conveniently I spotted a likely candidate fishing behind our house that I had ever seen before.I quickly went over to engage this newcomer in pre baby making conversation.We discussed a mutual love of sweet things.Pancakes for me, Cookies for him. 😉Finally I got to the serious business of convincing this sim to father my children.Ugh, I hate it when I have an audience……So “guy whose name I don’t know yet” do you want to see my hot tub?Thankfully it didn’t take much to convince him that he would have more fun in the hot tub than he ever would fishing.Unfortunately Elayne chose that moment to come outside and interrupt.Elayne: Mum it’s getting late are you going to be in soon

Lucia: Be in soon honey, go to bed.

Elayne: OkayAfter Elayne had finally disappeared “don’t know name guy” and I got down to some serious baby making business.I’m pretty sure a good time was had for all. 😉Afterwards I had the unfortunate task of having to tell “don’t know name guy” that our fun was a one time thing.Safe to say he wasn’t very amused. But yay more babies on the way. 😀

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