Aging Up

With both Elaida and Tamra fully trained and Elayne finally dragging her grades up to a C it was time to have some birthdays.Starting with the youngest Tamra, who recieved Dog Person Trait.and then Elaida who recieved the hot-headed trait. Oooh thats going to fun with the insane trait. O.oNext it was turn of my middle set of twins.Leane recieved Slob Traitand Suian recieved the Rebellious trait.Then it was time for my teens to become Young Adults.Elayne aged up and recieved the Exitable trait. She has decide that she would like to have a Perfect Mind/Perfect Body.Gawyn for his Young Adult birthday received the Hopeless Romantic Trait and decided that he wanted to be a Master Mixologist.He immediately rushed out to the garage to get started, needless to say that in the beginning it wasn’t going so well. But I love the fail faces that they pull. 🙂Elayne wasn’t having a good run on the treadmill either, which surprised me because she had been working out most of teen years. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Aging Up

  1. Really like Elayne’s looks..she is pretty, yes..but also unique with her facial features.

    • Elayne has always been one of my favorites, she’s a lot like her mum, but there is still something different about her. 🙂 And not that you can tell in his pic but Gawyn has the prettiest purple eyes, it’s a shame about his stupid random EA hair. 😦

  2. I make my kids get an A in school before I age them up. My Loner child is having a tough time at school because he gets a negative moodlet for being around too many people. 😦

    • I rarely worry about the grades, most of the kids spend 90% of their time on autonomous interactions. If I remember to I will make them do their homework but usually its up to them. Thankfully only a couple of them have failed completely. Plus, I’ll admit to loving the ‘bad’ traits. They are a lot of fun. 😀

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