All Grown Up and Moving Out

As Elayne and Gawyn prepared to move out they took a little bit of time to organise a leaving picture for me. Outside I went to give Gawyn a goodbye hug.

Gawyn: What? Mum, do I have to?Lucia: Yes, give me a hug now.It took me a bit but I finally got my hug.Elayne: Have you seen how strong I’m getting? I’m going to get my LTW so quickly.Gawyn: Sometimes you are so weird! I can’t believe your my twin…Elayne: Mum, guess what we found the greatest place to live.

Lucia: Across the road? That’s where your siblings moved?This taxi better arrive quick Layne’s about to have an excitement meltdown. Once Elayne and Gawyn had left things quickly got back to normal. Leane kept busy with homework.I passed some time on the computer.Soon it was time to welcome the newest additions to the family.After freaking out the kids my second set of triplets finally arrived.A daughter Tigraine, born with the traits Slob and Friendly.Galad born with the traits Easily Impressed and Lonerand finally who Luc was born with the traits Light Sleeper and Good. Time will tell if any of them have the IF Gene, I do notice that not one of them inherited their father’s hair.

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2 thoughts on “All Grown Up and Moving Out

  1. I am just starting reading this so thinking I have to read on to really get a feel for what is going on with these characters..and do want to thank you once again for posting your kind comments on my story…LOL feedback is such fun, and always appreciated.

    • Thanks for reading, Details are a little sketchy in some of the chapters, doesn’t help that I took these pics a while back. Hope you enjoy your read. I think your my first ever commenter ever so yay feedback. 🙂

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