Time in the Nursery

It’s mealtime in the Young household,and the youngest members are being  particularly demanding.After the girls had finished their breakfast I got started on their toddler training. I started off teaching Leane how to talk.Later that afternoon Faile and Olver made their way to the nursery.Olver helped out with teaching Siuan how to talk.Faile just wanted the company of the toddlers while she worked on her homework.Olver soon left to get a start on his homework, so I finished Suian’s training.The nursery soon had two more visitors.Elayne didn’t stay long, but Perrin spent all afternoon with his new favorite girl Leane..After training and playtime it was birthday time.All four teenagers aged up.Olver and Matrim a little early.Faile aged up into a beautiful young adult. With her final trait she became a natural cook and decided to become an International Super Spy.Perrin became a Lover of the Outdoors and decided to become an Astronaut.Olver became charismatic and decided that he would like to be Super Popular.Matrim became Ambituous and decided he wanted to be swimming in cash.Then it was time for Elayne to become a teen. She rolled the Athletic Trait.Gawyn also aged up and he rolled the Daredevil Trait.Siuan became a child and became a vechicle enthusist.and finally Leane also became a child and became a Animal Lover.After everyone aged up it was time to take a new family photo.BR: Suian, Faile, Perrin, Elayne, Lucia and Leane FR: Olver, Gawyn And Matrim

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