Lazy Days

We had a lazy couple of days after my outing to the uhh….bad part of town.Gawyn made good use of the slip’n’slide,Faile and I discussed music While Matrim and Olver both tried their hand at cooking for the family…….with mixed results.I finally got time to get in a bit of reading, I probably should have been trying to finish one of the books that I have been writing, need to finish one soon or we will be going broke.Matrim started his evening with reading Elayne a bedtime story.Followed by trying out his cooking skills again…his results were not much better than they had been the first time.After failing in the kitchen for the second time he decided to relax in the hot tub instead.Olver meanwhile worked on his homework.And Perrin also got asked to provide a bedtime story, this time by Gawyn. He had an educational book all prepared.Over these couple of days I got bigger and bigger with my newest pregnancy. On the morning of the day when my newest children would enter the world for the first time, Gawyn was up early trying out the slide.Elayne finally finished off the homework that she had been putting off.Olver had a great time on the slip’n’slide,while his twin Mat seemed to content just to float above it.Finally my new twin baby girls arrived.First up was Leane who was born with the traits Friendly and Excitable.Followed by her twin sister Siuan who was born with the traits Couch Potato and Easily Impressed.

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