Bits and Pieces

After my trip to the hospital I came home with a two adorable new babies. A son Gawyn with the most adorable purple eyes. He was born with the traits Loves the Outdoors and Excitable.  And a daughter Elayne who seems to look like a little version of me. Time will tell… Elayne was born with the traits Good and Loves the Outdoors.Then it was time for my baby ghosts to become children, Matrim received the technophobe trait. No TV for him…Olver received the Ambitious trait.Faile was next becoming a very pretty teen. She looks so much like me, just with all of her fathers colouring. Faile received the Brave trait.Perrin aged up next. He is pretty much the opposite of his sister. Looks like his father with my colouring. He received the Neat trait.Then it was time for my oldest girls to become young adults. Bodewhin went first aging in to a beautiful adult. She received the heavy sleeper trait for her final trait and decided that she wanted to become DNA Profiler (Forensic Specialist)Eldrin aged up into a blonde haired, purple skinned version of her twin. For her final trait she rolled Hopeless Romantic and decided that she wanted to be an animal rescuer.After everyone had their birthday we all enjoyed cake in the kitchen.Eldrin helped out, cleaning the house while she waited for her graduation.Also waiting for my oldest girls graduation, I started Gawyn’s toddler training.The boys occupied themselves outside just floating around.Ellie could once again be found reading – not that that surprises anyone.Faile became one of the only kids in this family to try out the chemistry station.At first it seemed to be going really well,Then this happened….here she is heading to the garage shower to clean herself up. Olver just continued to float around, making sure he checked out every room in the house.Ellie was once again in the nursery helping out with the toddlers.And I can’t really tell which of my ghost boys this is, but I’m going to assume it’s Matrim because we just saw Olver in the garage.Anyway, he had a great time on the spring riders.Bodewhin was busy working out once again. I’m glad she enjoys it so much.

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