Skills for Ghosts

When I finally arrived home the ghost twins were awake, so I decided to get a start on their training. I decided to start on talking with the adorable Olver.Followed by his brother Matrim.Olver soon discovered the toys. He especially liked the toy boat.I managed to fit in a bit of potty training amongst the other training.Matrim decided that he liked the toy car.Eldrin and Bodewhin were both a massive amount of help. Looking after their baby brother’s needs while I was trying to get some much-needed sleep.Ellie and Faile bonded in the reading nook in their bedroom and it wasn’t long until Faile was asking for a bedtime story.Bodewhin decided that she would try her hand at cooking dinner for the family.After reading a bedtime story to Faile, Ellie was back in the nursery looking after the toddlers.While outside Bodewhin encountered Eric Cire. Eric? Your children don’t live here anymore? If you are here to visit them you are about six kids too late….Ellie decided to help out by cleaning up the dishes after the meal that Bode cooked.The following morning I finally got back to toddler training, as you can see I’m getting a little short on time. My haystack pregnancy is starting to show.After taking a little time to start Mat’s walking skills I finally around to finishing Olver’s talking skills. Then it was back to teaching my boys to walk.Aren’t they the cutest babies in the world?Meanwhile, Perrin was busy ruling his court in the gym over the garage.After completing my little ghosts toddler training, I decided to have a bit of a rest and catch up with a good book.It wasn’t all that much longer until I needed to make a trip to the hospital to deliver my newest baby.

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2 thoughts on “Skills for Ghosts

  1. Susy/iloveowls90/animalabse

    haha haystack pregancy Loved it!

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