Imaginary Friends

Having noticed that both Adora and Paetram seemed to have decent relationships with their Imaginary Friends, I decided to reward them with a potion.I told Adora what it was and explained that whether or not she decided to use it was up to her.Adora decided that she did want her Imaginary Friend to become a real boy.Oh, I mean girl?Anyway,  for her first experience as a real girl Boinky headed straight to the musical instruments.Next I went and found Paetram and told him about him the potion.He immediately went and found his Imaginary Friend Bobo.In a kitchen filled with an obscene amount of cake Bobo became a real boy.While that was happening Bodewhin was busy aging up into a beautiful teen. Bode rolled the Athletic trait for her fourth trait.Next to age was Bodewhin’s twin Eldrin, Eldrin also aged into a beautiful teen and became a bookworm.My newest twins were next to have their birthday. Faile went first receiving the Good trait for her child birthday.Following after his sister Perrin rolled the Excitable Trait.We then went outside to get a family picture before our oldest teens had their Young Adult Birthday.

When we went back inside Adora aged up into a gorgeous Young Adult rolling the shy trait for her final trait and decided that she wanted to be Surrounded by Family.

Her brother Paetram also aged up receiving the Technophobe Trait. Unfortunately it was time to say goodbye to Adora and Paetram.I gave both of them hugs and a little bit of advice before they left.Then Paetram made the call to find new accommodation.Shortly after they sent me a photo taken in the ground of their new home. What an amazing view!

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