Ghost Lovin

With only four children in the house it seemed a little empty. Bode hadn’t liked school that day and had decided that she didn’t want to attend tomorrow.When all the children went to bed I decided to try something different.In my ghost form I completely freaked out the taxi driver.I went to visit the cemetery where my parents and siblings were buried.I spent all night with them.Just as the sum was about to rise, I got a surprise bunch of flowers from one of the residents of the graveyard.His name was Julien Carter and he was very sweet, unfortunately he was out of time and had to leave,When I got home I found Bodewhin enjoying the pool.and Eldrin and Perrin in the kitchen. Ellie was making good use of her bookworm trait and Perrin was getting a little homework done.Soon after Perrin took a small break and then finished the rest of his homework with sister Faile.Bodewhin had gone back to school, and had made the trip home with one of her cousins. Or it may have been one of her cousins cousins, I forget?Anyway that meant that she ended up doing her homework on her sister’s entryway floor.

Looks like Kirstian’s marriage is still in the honeymoon stage….That night I put on my prettiest dress and my ghost costume and headed back out to the graveyard.I wanted to see if I could find Julien again.This time he turned up fairly quickly. He seemed happy to see me.The two of us got friendly, very quickly.Julien asked me if I wanted to tour the mausoleum.I didn’t object. Ah, I didn’t know ghosts could still do that! Not that I was going to complain.As the sun rose he got angry that I was going to leave him again.Hmm, this ghost was getting a little possessive.It was time to leave.

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