Awkward Questions

The next afternoon after school Paetram brought home a familiar face. Sasha Vanderburg. Adora (for once) was actually the first person finished with her homework, after which Sasha and Paetram got started with theirs.Paetram: Oh wow, Sasha VANDERBURG is in my HOUSE!!!Paetram: Oh No, Adora’s talking to herself. Just ignore it maybe Sasha won’t notice….Paetram: Oh damn!! She’s noticed…thanks so much Dora…

Sasha: “Uh Paet, who is your sister talking too?”

Paetram: *ignores question* ”So Sasha are you still dating my brother? Because if you are why are you here with me?” There that should distract her….

Sasha: “Ahh…umm.” *guilty face*

Paetram: Success! Oh wait….damn, she must still be dating Rand. 😦For some reason I decided that being in front of the chem set while massively pregnant was a smart place to be….Of course I went into labour while I was standing in front of it.Introducing our newest arrivals, Faile born with the traits Genius and Brave. Yay, Faile got her Daddy’s hair, eyes and skin but not his face shape..good girl!!and Perrin who received the traits Good and Clumsy. What is it with my kids and the clumsy trait…I swear at least half of them have it lol. Must get it from Mummy. 😀While the older kids got themselves some dinner, I got started on the toddlers training, first up was Faile.Adora helped out with looking after the babies.It took a couple of tries but Faile eventually mastered talking and moved onto walking.Finally I got a chance to get to work on Perrin’s skills.Paetram was busy getting better acquainted with his IF.After that things quickly got back to some kind of normal, it was the weekend so everyone kinda slacked of a bit.Ellie took a liking to video games.Paet finished his homework. My newest twins Faile and Perrin got to know all the toys in the nursery.Bode had fun on the spring riders.Ellie enjoyed some juice at the bar, at least I hope that’s juice?Okay, toddlers trained? yep. Must be time for some birthdays..yay.

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