Dishes, Homework, Wild Horses and Creepy Trucks….

When I finally made it home my children where all enjoying some Mac & Cheese, which Mierin had thoughtfully prepared. Adora let us all know ahead of time that she didn’t want to clean up afterwards. Feeling a little guilty about ditching them a little earlier I told them I would take care of it.The next day while I was relaxing by the pool, my oldest girls worked on their moving out pic.It turned out lovely.After school Ellie & Bode got used to the idea of completing homework.Adora didn’t look pleased that she would have to complete hers soon.Paet and I just had a bit of a chat before he got started with his.To avoid actually doing her homework, Adora gossiped about the family with niece Tisha. Tisha is actually Amathera’s first child. Her father is Scott Ruiz-Chesterfield. He and Amathera broke up not long after Tisha was born. Meanwhile, I tried to be friendly with a local wild horse and not pay attention to that creepy ice-cream truck parked up the road. In hindsight the wild horse thing was probably not a good idea given my obvious condition…. My eldest two girls currently in the house waited on the front lawn to say their final goodbyes. Mum hugs and presents were handed out.and Mierin called the taxi to take them to their new home. As always it is hard to see them leave, even if they have only moved in across the road.

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