Rand and Egwene

When I got home it was time for Egwene and Rand to become adults. Egwene got to the cake firstand Rand soon joined her.Egwene received the Star Quality Trait for her birthday. I think that suits her so well, she is never going to blend into the crowd. She decided that she was going to be a FairyTale Finder.Rand received the Heavy Sleeper Trait. He decided he was going to be a CEO of a Mega Corporation.These two have ended up with two very different personalities, hopefully it doesn’t cause too much tension in the future.The next day before my newly aged adult twins graduated, my newest baby decided to announce that they were on their way.Laila and Mierin managed to say a brief hello to their older brother Rahvin at the Town hall.When the ceremony was over Rand found a fan,  Sasha Vanderburg apparently liked what she saw.Even if she did think that the graduation cap and gown were a little ridiculous..Apparently Mierin is not a Sasha fan however….think I missed something somewhere. lol

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