Goodbye Nacho

The next morning both Laila and Mierin spent quality time with Nacho.He loved the attention.Laila also prepared some breakfast for the family.All in all it ended up being a rather uneventful day (mostly). Adora played with her favorite doll.Genius Laila decided to challenge someone online to a game of chess.Adora tried out the spring riders, and later on got Mierin to read her a bedtime story.*unfortunately due to unavoidable circumstances (save issues) 😦 We had someone visit that was unhappy about the way Nacho was being treated….oops. Rand coped the brunt of it and unfortunately Nacho was taken away. *cry*Upstairs dreaming about babies I was oblivious to what was happening downstairs.The next morning Paetram needed to be comforted, he was upset about losing Nacho.We all tried to keep ourselves busy, Mierin and Adora got started on their homework. While I started to upgrade our household appliances. Egwene kept herself busy outside on the slip’n’sllide…. Sliding in her formal wear…..Paetram and Adora also started to get to know their dolls better. Not too long after this Rand and Egwene moved out, it was sad to see them go but I was happy to see them on the way to pursuing their dreams. I am sure they will do me and themselves proud. 😀

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