Birthday Drama

It’s time for some more birthdays.Mierin, Laila, Paetram and Adora all stepped up to the cake. Unfortunately one of the cakes was damaged, I think it was Adora’s but in the following chaos I wasn’t really 100% sure.I know it wasn’t Paet’s because out of the four he was the only one who actually aged up. Mierin came through and helped me deal with the fire. She’s ready to be an adult. Anyway, as soon as we had dealt with the fire, we got back to the age ups. Laila received the ambitious Trait and decided that she wanted to be the Leader of the Free World. Hopefully she and Rahvin can work together seeing as they both want the same thing?Mierin received the Hates the Outdoors Trait and decided that she wanted to become a Star News Anchor.Adora despite her traumatic age up became a beautiful teen. She received the Friendly Trait. and Paetram (yay, I have his picture) received the shy trait.Eldrin and Bodewhin both became lovely children, I am unsure of where Ellie gets her blonde hair from however. But I think that I wondered the same thing about Jahar, so maybe from a distant relative? Ellie received the Dog Person trait.and Bodewhin received the Easily Impressed Trait. Of course the next day we all had to rush to graduation. We know that it’s on, but we are always late. I think I need to become more organised?Anyway, we made it. 🙂 And Mierin and Laila’s graduation ceremony was beautiful…

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