Very Random

*Authors Note: Just so you know this is where I had some major save issues, so unfortunately the pics are a little all over the place lol. Hopefully I manage to present them in an order that makes some kind of sense….So are we ready for a very random all over the place kinda day?

First up it was time for my vampire twins to leave home, they left nearly immediately after they had aged up. They did both give me a hug before they left though.The next morning Mierin continued to bond with Nacho.While inside Rand and Egwene helped me out with training the twins. Thankfully, Egwene only helped with the walking training. Because crazy Egwene has been starting to make an appearance. Who knows what she would have taught them if she had been in charge of the talking. 🙂Wearing formal gear to school anyone?After training the twins it was of course time to age up some of the family. Adora went first receiving the Family Orientated Trait followed by her twin Paetram (whose pic appears to be missing) he received neurotic Trait.Laila was next up receiving the kleptomaniac trait,followed by Mierin who received the neat trait. I guess with the toddlers aged up it is time to find another baby daddy……next time. ;D

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