Waiting for Baby

We all fell into a fairly predictable routine while we waited for the new arrivals, Be’lal tried his hand at dating. Flowers are always a good start. 🙂I got back to work on my paintings, and yes all these unfinished ones are mine.. Rand spent time with his doll.Be’lal also tried out the Slip’n’Slide, it looked like a lot of fun.After I had finished with the painting, I decided to work on my charisma skill, Uhh, looking good?!?….Oh dear….Eventually the baby/ies decided that it was time to arrive and I made my way to the hospital.Nicholas decided that the ground outside the hospital was a good place to put his daughter. Was he still upset? Also, that looks suspiciously like Amelia behind him…Wow, I haven’t talked to her for ages. Should really remember to do that!!When I got home Rahvin and Rand were having a dissagreement in the hallway, Rand went on to explain that people at school had been talking and saying that Be’lal and Rahvin had a medical condition. Well yah, Vampires….Time to introduce our new arrivals. First up Laila, receiving the traits Easily Impressed and Friendly at her birth.And her sister Mierin, who recieved the Evil and Grumpy Traits.We also had one other new addition to the house. Introducing Nacho, who is excitable, loyal and hyper. One of the older boys brought him home, hope they plan on looking after him. After settling the newest babies, I had time to read a book to Egwene.Nacho was also wandering around the house checking out his new owners,  Be’lal and Rahvin had him particularly confused. Can’t say this dog is dumb though, he soon seemed to have a pretty good idea. 🙂

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