Mr Riverhawk

Now that Kari and Jahar had left home it was time to find another daddy.I invited Nicholas Riverhawk to visit. He had an interesting way of introducing himself…..We got to know each other a little better,Nicholas gave me flowers, which I thought was very nice of him.He listened while I discussed my intentions of writing my own novel, and confessed that he had one on gardening in the works.Then he gave me more flowers…(I think it was mainly just to shut me up lol) Finally I stopped procrastinating and invited him up to my room.After a little cuddling, we finally got to what I had invited him over for in the first place.Thats right, baby making!Soon after I realised that Nicholas had become a little attached to me..Of course I had to tell him that I was not in the market for anything permenant.He, ah…didn’t take it very well……I tried to distact him by talking about my family. Thankfully that seemed to help. 🙂Soon after he left I started to experience something that was starting to feel very familiar.. and the day after proof that my encounter with Nicholas had had the desired result.

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