Birthdays for Everyone. :)

It was time for everyone in the house to age up.

First up to the cake was Laila who received the Genius trait.Then it was Mierin’s turn, for her birthday she rolled the Clumsy trait.The girls immediately ventured into the backyard to try out all of the playground equipment. Mierin started on the slide. Laila loved the spring riders.and she soon convinced her sister to join in the fun. Mierin also tried the sandpit. While Mierin and Laila played in the backyard, I got started on birthdays for the rest of the family. Starting with our adorable new arrivals. First was Adora who had received Clumsy and Slob Traits at birth. and Paetram Young, who had received the Easily Impressed and the Loves the Outdoors traits.Next up it was time for Egwene and Rand to become teenagers.For her fourth trait Egwene received the absent-minded trait, and Rand received No Sense of Humour Trait.Then we had the chance to take a picture with all the current family together. (stupid phone call lol)And then it was time for my little vampires to become full-grown vampires…I was easy to tell that this aging up was a  little different from all the others. Somewhere along the way I lost one of the boys CAS pics, so here is their all grown up shot. Be’lal rolled the Lucky trait for his final Trait and decided he wanted to become a Superstar Athlete, while Rahvin rolled the friendly trait and decided to become a politician and Rule the Free World.

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