Back at Home.

Back at home I immediately got started with girls toddler training, Rahvin decided to help out.Egwene was in the kitchen playing with her doll,  and Rand seemed to be getting as far under the kitchen table as he could to play with his. After the issues that Rand had at school, Rahvin decided to let Laila know about his “medical condition” early to avoid later issues. While I was teaching Mierin about science.While I was preparing Laila’s meal my baby bump made its arrival. I was running out of time.I hadn’t quite completed Mierin’s training so I made sure that I finished it.  By this time she was a little over the whole talking endeavor…Egwene put in some quality face time with Nacho.Rahvin continued to help with the girls training. This time he took Mierin for her walking lessons while I handled Laila’s.While Be’lal decided to keep us company while he did his homework. Unfortunately we didn’t get the girls completely trained before I felt those familiar pains. Poor Rahvin freaked out. Yep, it was definitely time to go to hospital. Unfortunately somehow I managed to leave it too late and ended up having the new babies in the nursery.Now I just need to finish Mierin’s training so we can have some birthdays. 😀

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