Vampire’s in Training and Other Stuff

While Jahar ruled his court in the kitchen….and Kari got to know big brother Eben better with a spot of fishingI got started with the toddler’s training. First up was Rahvin.Juilin decided to try his hand at discovering a potion. He managed not to blow himself up, but I’m not sure that he discovered anything either.Rahvin discovered that he could play inside the toy box.Peek-a-boo….Be’lal meanwhile played with the peg box.Jahar finally got home after visiting a friend, and I unfortunately had to discipline him for his bad grades. 😦and I finally got time to finish the boys training. It didn’t take long for Be’lal to start walking,and then I started teaching Rahvin to talk.Kirstian decided to help out and start teaching Be’lal to talk,  unfortunately she had to leave to attend school and I finished off his training.

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3 thoughts on “Vampire’s in Training and Other Stuff

  1. ladyfeline1221

    training is good

  2. Rahvin is definitely my favorite out of this group of kids. LOL.

    • lol, I can’t remember who was mine at this point! Good chance it was Rahvin though. I think the twin were my first ever vampires. ❤

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