Birthdays and New Babies

With a new baby on the way it and the toddler’s all trained up it was time for birthday’s again.First up were Kari and Jahar. Kari rolled the Angler Trait, and Jahar rolled the Clumsy trait. Kirstian decided to ruin Juilin hearing with the party horns. Juilin recieved the Genuis Trait, 🙂and Kirstian recieved the Loser trait. 😦 and then we decided to take a family picture before the baby arrived and Logain aged up. Seated: Juilin, Kirstian, Lucia and Logain. On Floor:  Jahar and Kari. Kari took a liking to her new doll,  while Juilin and Kirstian got to work on their homework.And finally while I was too distracted to take any pictures my newest babies arrived. Introducing Rahvin Young, born with the traits Good and Grumpyand Be’lal born with the traits Slob and Athletic. Both took after their father, we now have to little vampires in the family.

Now that my newest twins had arrived it was time for Logain’s YA birthday.Logain received the excitable trait for his YA birthday and decided that he wanted to live in the Lap of LuxuryIt was then time to offer Logain some birthday congratulations,and some mum hugs as well. Then Logain left the household to pursue his dreams. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Birthdays and New Babies

  1. ladyfeline1221

    ah sweet

  2. Yes! More colorful hair! Love it. XD

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