The Triplets Leave Home

As soon as I got my new twins home, I started on their training.While I was training Kari, Jahar found the toy box and amused himself with a toy car. The Triplets organised a picture of themselves to give me before they moved out later that afternoon.  Here they are all grown up. Amathera, Aemon and Andric Young.Logain seemed a little unsure about what to do with his time. I think that the prospect of him becoming the eldest child in the house had really upset him. And finally it was time for the triplets to say goodbye.  and it was time for me to hand out the Mum hugsand the well wishes to triplets whose arrival had made me go a little crazy. ;p

Lucia: NO Andic, this saying goodbye thing isn’t garbage……

Hopefully if I get triplets again I am a little more prepared…. Aemon made the phone call to take them to their new home. Andric, Amathera and Aemon Young had left home for good. 😦 Afterwards Logain still seemed out of it staring at himself in the mirror. *note: I forgot to turn free will back on…..duh!!!*Although maybe he was thinking he needed to bulk up a little? He IS in the gym after all. Sorry buddy, genetics are a #$%^& and you got your daddies’ build. 🙂



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3 thoughts on “The Triplets Leave Home

  1. ladyfeline1221

    one big family

  2. LOL, it kind of does look like he was standing in front of the mirror analyzing his appearance. XD

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