After Eben and Nicola moved out it was time to get started on the training of Kirstian and Juilin. I started with talking for Kirstian, meanwhile Andric decided to help out teaching Juilin to walk.Thera embraced her athleticism and tried out nearly every piece of training equipment in the house. and Logain decided to rule over the kitchen table and whoever happened to be sitting at it. Kirstian learnt to walk.and the nursery became a hive of activity.  With training and homework being completed.With the toddlers mostly trained I decided it was time to go and find the next daddy. I decided to visit The Shoreline Cabin. That’s where I found Nathan O’Neal.Nathan was in the area visiting, seeing if Hidden Springs was the kind of place he would like to live fulltime.I decided that I would try to make him feel welcome.Flowers are always a good start, but I of course had another kind of welcome in mind. 😉and The Shoreline Cabins conveniently have a bedroom…. Fun was had, a lullaby was heard but all too soon it was time for me to go home.Back at home..

Andric was enjoying reading in the gym, Logain was enjoying a HUGE amount of Ice-cream,I finished of Juilin’s training in the nursery. My new baby bump made an arrival.Thera and I discussed a book she was thinking about writing, Aemon decided to try his hand at cooking breakfast,  and Logain tried ruling the desk in the boys bedroom.

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5 thoughts on “Skilling

  1. Congrats on the latest twins and they are both adorable. Nice to see such an active household with the older children helping out. Do you think Logain wants to rule the world someday? HA! HA1

  2. ladyfeline1221

    The twins are adoreable

  3. Woo! Lucia is moving along nicely with her task. Lucky they had beds in the cabin, made her life easier, I”m sure… XD

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