A New Romance and Six Cakes.

Sebastian Vanderburg came over to visit today while the kids were at school

after a dip in the pool I invited him inside. Sebastian had a few interesting suggestions about how we could occupy ourselves I suggested going upstairs instead. 😉


After the children came home from school it was time for some birthdays. Logain went first receiving the Technophobe trait.Then it was the triplets turn.Aemon was up first receiving the Snob trait,then it was Amathera’s turn. Thera rolled Can’t Stand Art, with five Artistic traited sims in the family this one could cause some issues. and finally it was Andric’s turn rolling the workaholic trait.Next it was the twins turn to age up into Young Adults. Eben rolled the excitable Trait and decided he wanted to become a Gold Digger. and Nicola rolled the Rebellious trait and decided she was going to try her hand at becoming the Emperer of Evil.

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4 thoughts on “A New Romance and Six Cakes.

  1. Hi Garrat, Interesting family you’ve got there. As for relationships if all else fails I have had my Sims marry their imaginary friend or as of late find a Sim in one of my friends’ studio to fit the legacy. She should have some good looking kids with Sebastian.


  2. ladyfeline1221

    I like this family

  3. LOL, I love Eben and Nicola’s lifetime wishes. XD
    Sebastian… O_O was he suggesting they steal a police car? Oh my, exciting and dangerous. LOL.

    • I really missed these two, I don’t think that I’ve have had twins or otherwise a more interesting group of traits and LTW’s as Nicola and Eben. 😀

      LOL, I had to take advantage of the thought bubbles!

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