Rhuarc moves out

With only one toddler to learn his skills, training Logain didn’t take very long.Nicola and Gary where still seeing each other, but Nic informed me that they were not in a steady relationship. Thera had discovered the kids oven, it wasn’t a success but I thought it was still adorable. And then finally it had arrrived the moment I had been dreading for the longest time. It was time for Rhuarc to age up. Giggles also aged up.Young Adult Rhuarc received the Inappropriate trait for his birthday. He decided that he wanted to becomea Five Star Chef. Rhuarc and Giggles seemed to get very friendly after their ageups.

Yep, it was definately time for these two to find a place of their own. The next morniing they were waiting ton the front lawn to say goodbye. 😦 I said my goodbyes to my son, while Giggles just seemed to stare at him.

One last hug, and he was gone.

 Off to have a good cry now. 😦  I will leave you with a photo we took just before the move though.

Lucia Young and her children 1- 7

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4 thoughts on “Rhuarc moves out

  1. ladyfeline1221

    That is adoreable

  2. Yay Giggles and Rhuarc. 🙂 Sad for you, aww, that he grew up, but glad he’s not alone. ^_^ I love all your family photo shoots, they’re so cute. 🙂

    • The first one to leave is always the hardest. Joanne’s (3rd gen is just about to leave too) and I’ve been delaying posting it.

      Thanks! the photoshoots always make it easier to remember who was was in the house with who. I think I would have forgotten by now if I hadn’t taken them. 😀

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