Something like normal

Now that the triplets have had their birthday things have started to calm down around here. The kids just have school but everyone is enjoying a well-earned rest. I finally got a chance to workout a little, Something I had been avoiding for a while. And all the kids seemed to be having no trouble finding something to occupy themselves.  Eben got back to painting, Our little genius Andric was the first member of the family to try out the chessboard,  while brother Aemon was content to play in the sandpit. Nicola found the bar…..

 while Thera tried out the pool. (Also one of the first times that its been used.)  One of the boys also decided to rule a royal court. ( I feel bad that I can’t tell which of them it is)

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7 thoughts on “Something like normal

  1. Hi Garrat, Just read the last two chapters and what a busy home you have and I though mine were hectic but that’s how it works with a baby challenge. You might need to put name tags on the kids to keep them straight. HA!

    • lol, this lot of triplets really stressed me out, lol. Names tags would help. 🙂 Its also why I alway dress them all differently, it this case the boy in question needed to open his eyes…..

  2. “One of the boys also decided to rule a royal court. ( I feel bad that I can’t tell which of them it is)” lol I’m dying. But I must say, it’s totally understandable given the circumstances.

  3. ladyfeline1221

    Fun Fun everywhere

  4. LOL aww, so you really had identical twins/triplets, with those little brown haired boys running around, didn’t you? XD It’s okay sometimes when there’s so many sims running around, it’s difficult. 🙂

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