A little romance for everyone.

Once everything in the house was back to normal, the triplets arrival having caused a major upheaval, I decided to go find him. You know? the next lucky baby daddy.. 🙂 While I was out I meet the sweet and absolutely adorable Liam O’Dourke. When he gave me flowers I knew he was the one.  So of course I invited him home to my place.  because it was late and all the kids were somewhere in the house, I decided that the treehouse was tour best option for our baby-making.  He certainly walked away a happy man. 😉


Prom snuck up on me this year im afraid, the kids probably told me it was on at some point. But I kind of forgot. So it turned out that I was out of the house taking care of other business when the three teenagers of the house left for prom.

Anyway, they seemed to have had a great time. Rhuarc became Prom King, Eben got into a fight and also became romatically involved with Carlotta Shue, while Nicola became involved with Carlotta’s brother Gary.

The whole Eben/Carlotta romance kinda fizzled, this was as far as it got….but Nic’s romance…seems to have more potential.Shortly after that Rhuarc surprised me by asking me to make a imaginary friend potion for Giggles. I guess Rhuarc’s been talking to his dad? Thankfully the potion was one of the few I had managed to learn. and just like that we had a new member of the family. Of course our other new arrival wasn’t far from making an appearance either. Introducing Logain Young, born with the traits Hates the Outdoors and Snob.

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5 thoughts on “A little romance for everyone.

  1. Congrats on the romantic interests at the prom. I like those as it makes the job of finding spouses for my Sims a lot easier. I know your long past this but I hope you enjoyed Carlotta as much as I did. She was spouse of Eric Estiban (generation 5 heir of that legacy). She was a lot of fun and loved to fish.

    • Thanks, this was the end of Eben and Carlotta’s relationship. Carlotta is however the mother of one of Lucia’s grandchildren. We are several children away from the lucky dad being born yet however. And Nic can’t seem to keep a man it’s getting ridiculous.:D

  2. ladyfeline1221

    yea congrats

  3. Aww, too bad for Eben who didn’t get a real girlfriend, but maybe she just wasn’t the one for him. Woo, Nicola, LOL, getting it on with that boy. XD
    I hope Rhuarc’s new friend is nice and good for him. 🙂

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