Total Chaos

With new triplets in the house and one teenager to give me a hand (Sorry Rhuarc) there was a lot to do and not many of us that could actually do anything. Rhuarc was a great help and didn’t complain about helping out, but nobody in the house was getting any sleep. Well, except them… The twins Eben and Nicola seemed to spend a lot of time downstairs and occasionally took to sleeping in the treehouse.Luckily their dolls kept them occupied.

 While Rhuarc helped me train the triplets so we could all escape triplet toddler hell! First Potty training Andric,  and teaching Aemon to talk.  Of course, I was also training. Teaching Amathera to walk,  and of course teaching the boys to talk as well, when they got bored with their big brother or Rhuarc had to dissapear to school.  It would have been difficult to escape the craziness with Rhuarc’s help. 🙂 Sometimes the Triplets were quiet, but that didn’t happen very often. Thankfully we managed to get the training done, so that meant it was birthday time. Finally!

First up it was Andric who rolled the Snob trait,

and then Thera who rolled the Lucky trait. Oh dear, in this family? and finally Aemon who rolled the perfectionist trait. While on a birthday roll, the twins had their teen birthday as well.  Eben went first rolling the mean-spirited traitfollowed by his sister Nicola, who not to be outdone rolled the Evil Trait. But I still think she’s stunning. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Total Chaos

  1. Wow Nicola is gorgeous! Which brings me to ask – do you have any of your Sims for download on the Exchange? It would be fun having a Young in game. Might help my poor prettacy genes 🙂

    • Llilah Garrat

      Yeah, she sure is. 😀

      Oh, very cool. I love seeing my sims in other people’s stories. 😀

      All of Gen 2 of the BC should be on the exchange as well as some from the legacy, I’ve got them all sorted on there alphabetically by their parents name. for eg. Nic would be Lu_Nicola Young. Gen 1 of the BC are on mediafire. Download Links should be in the top menu. If you wanted anyone from the other stories just let me know. 🙂

  2. ladyfeline1221

    Yea Nicola is pretty

  3. Dang, Nicola. Can I just say gorgeous? ❤
    I have a soft spot for Evil Sims… I love them. ROFL. I gave that trait to my Simself, and I love when she runs around the house laughing maniacally and "Taking Evil Showers." LOL, how are showers evil? Oh how this game makes me laugh. XD

    • I was really happy with how Nic grew up. She is still one of my faves. Which is why I bought her back in one of Lucia’s final chapter, that and she is Lucia’s eldest daughter. 😛

      I love all of the bad traits with the exception of Mean Spirited (yuk). They are more fun to play. 😀 I love having evil sims in the house. I’m still picking up little things with this game that I have somehow missed before. My favourite thing while playing is just to sit back and watch. Which is what I do with all of Lucia’s kids (most of the time) I love watching what they get up to by themselves. 😀

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