Date Night

It was time to find another baby daddy, I figured this time I was not going to be lucky enough for the lucky guy to just walk up to my doorstep. I was going have to go and find him.

I wasn’t really comfortable yet with being too far away from my babies. I left the twins with Rhuarc and ventured out to the coffee shop just down the road. So there I was, looking for a potential baby daddy when Martin Cavendish walked up behind me and asked me if I would like a cup of coffee. Of course I said yes. Boring him to death about art probably wasn’t the best move but he didn’t seem to mind too much. Eventually I got to the point and asked him back to my place. Unfortunately before he could say yes we were interrupted.  First by the Paparazzi and then a women trying to give Cavendish some flowers…

Is she serious! Cav is mine! At least for tonight. She can give him flowers all she wants tomorrow! Besides check out her finger, Ms FlowerGiver is married….. Thankfully he wasn’t happy about the interruption either. So I went outside to wait while he dealt with her. When we got back to my place he kissed me. He certainly knew how ….Oh my!

 Soon after we found a shower and you know………you do know right?  Hopefully the picture helps if your feeling a little confused. 😉


 Soon after that life got back to normal. Rhuarc continued to paint,  Nicola played with ???? I think someone has an imaginary friend.

Eben presided over his royal court…..the kitchen table. Looks like someones in trouble. 😉 Nicola read in rec area. My newest baby bump made an appearance.and then finally it was that time again. I got a surprise when I went to the hospital and Cav showed up. He even made sure that we got home safely.He stayed and helped while I aged our babies up. Cav and myself were now the proud parents of TRIPLETS. My thought bubble kind of gave it away. For some reason Rhuarc took an immediate liking to Cav. 🙂Introducing Aemon Young born with traits Loner and Artistic (that’s now five in the household carrying the artistic trait),and his sister Amathera who was born with the traits Brave and Athletic,and finally Andric Young. Born with the traits Genius and Clumsy.

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6 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Hi Garrat,

    Your newest babies are cute and I like the latest Daddy in the picture. Lots and lots of birthdays coming up. Hope your Sim got the ‘fireproof homestead’ with her happiness points to avoid the sometimes fire hazards of the birthday cake.


    • Aww, Cav. ❤ He was always one of my favourites and when he followed Lucia home it made me love him forever.

      Lol, at the fireproof homestead..I can't remember if she has that reward or not. Lucia nearly has them all now but would you believe that she only JUST fireproofed the fireplace.. 😕

  2. ladyfeline1221

    A bunch of artists

    • Yep, they are everywhere. It seems to be a fairly common trait for Lucia’s kids, the clumsy trait turns up all the time too. 🙂

  3. o.O Triplets. I started my BC, and the first thing I got was triplets. Talk about a change in gameplay, LOL, I had only been doing single babies for my legacy… so much crying LOL, but then later on it was fairly adorable having 3 little toddlers walking all over the house. ^_^

    • haha, I wasn’t prepared, especially with 3 kids already in the house. I had played through Lindsay’s generation before this but it’s different when you are not recording it somehow. 🙂

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