Oh Baby!

So today it started….

 Grandma was right when she told me that it was the worst part.

She can’t be serious! I have to do this 100 times?

 Okay, so it’s definitely time for the hospital, and for drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.

It was soon time to bring home my son, he was beautiful! I still couldn’t tell who he looked like.

I named him Rhuarc, after my father. Rhuarc Young II. Born with the traits Artistic and Neurotic. He’s also a Scorpio.

Looking at him it doesn’t appear that he got much from his father Peanut. He seems to be a totally adorable mini-me.

I just let him play for a while. Hmm, that toy that Rhuarc received from Grandma Lindsay seems familiar….

 he sure seems fond of that toy.

It was soon time to get Rhuarc started with other things.

Lucia: Sorry Rhu, please be patient. Mummy has NO idea what she is doing…..

Thankfully Rhuarc seem fairly bright,

 and he managed to learn to talk without me knowing what to do.

 I also tried to play with him a lot, another piece of Grandma’s Lindsay advice was to enjoy the quiet times. Because with families’ like ours it does not happen often.

 Shortly after teaching Rhaurc to talk, we received a visitor.

His name was Seth Gibbard and he had just moved in next door and had decided to come over and introduce himself.

For some unknown reason I decided to tell him about the hundred baby thing. I figured I might as well get it out in the open from the start. The rumour mill in town had already started on me about being an unwed mother.Surprisingly he wanted to help me out with it. Strange, but that was okay. I have 99 kids to go right? Wow, can’t believe I have actually decided to do this. Crazy Lucia, crazy, crazy, crazy….

Seth spotted the treehouse in the backyard, and suggested we go there.

You can guess what happened next…Yep, I got splinter’s in my a….

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10 thoughts on “Oh Baby!

  1. Ah, the splinters 😉

    • Llilah Garrat

      lol, she really did get one. Affected her mood for a couple of hours so I had to put it in. 😉

      • dedlocklady

        I took a pic of that moodlet the first time I got it – I couldn’t believe it. lol I really howled laughing when it popped up. That’s the stuff that makes me love this crazy game. XD

  2. Right now I was giggling over the splinters too. I’m glad I’m slowly reading up. I kind of wish Lucia and Peanut had stayed together, he was really sweet to her. :3 No wonder Lucia’s so into Dale, he’s a sweetie too.

    • lol, Peanut was sweet. He was on my list of someone I could bring back at the end, but nope, too attached to Dale now. 😀

  3. ladyfeline1221

    Cute kid

  4. I seemed to have stumbled upon this lovely legacy and now I have A LOT of reading to do! But I just wanted to say this is a great story so far and I’m anxious to keep reading! 🙂 Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some more reading to do. 😉

  5. LOL, splinters in her a… XD
    Oh man, labor 100 times… thank god Grandma Lindsay was realistic about it, telling her it was the worst part. Yay another guy! Haha, she might as well tell every guy she meets about it, she might get lucky like this, and he’ll decide to help her with it! 🙂

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