More Babies.

I’m pregnant again. No surprise there…and the run I had to make to the bathroom this morning was just the start.I still had some of Rhuarc’s training to finish. He hadn’t learnt to walk yet. At least the talking and Potty lessons were over.and of course I had to get started on something that would actually provide us with an income. At least now that I had finished training Rhuarc, he could have his birthday.Yum, cake… Rhuarc received the Dare-Devil trait for his birthday.Thankfully, I got Rhuarc aged up just in time for his siblings to arrive. First to arrive was Eben born with the traits Artistic and Snob, and he’s an Aries. and his twin sister, Nicola. Born with traits Neurotic and  Snob and unlike her twin she’s a Gemini. Eben’s eye’s really threw me at first, I had no idea where they had come from until I aged up his sister. Grandparent genetics for the win! Both had received something from Grandpa Rhuarc. Eben got his eyes, and Nicola his hair. 🙂   Later on I discussed the new arrivals with Rhuarc.He seemed okay about it, maybe a little overwhelmed. But mostly excited about the prospect of being a big brother.

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6 thoughts on “More Babies.

  1. Hi Garrat, Congrats on the first three babies. Nicola is a cutie and I think it’s funny that the game gives different signs to twins although Gemini is close to Aries. I’ve had twins show as Virgo and Aries when they’re born on the same day. I’m sure Rhuarc will be a good big brother.

    • Hey Silver,

      He was. ❤ That poor boy had to put up a lot especially when the next lot of kids arrived. 😉

      That Star sign thing is annoying. 😕 Going to catch up on your update now.

  2. ladyfeline1221

    Gotta love those traits

  3. Ooh such pretty genetics on the twins! 🙂

    • Their genetics were a bit of a shock when they happened. It’s been ages since these guys were born and Nicola is still one of my favourites. 😀

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